# Security

Security is our highest priority at Sense. The Sense Protocol has undergone various forms of quality assurance, such as unit/integration/manual testing, fuzz testing, and 3rd party audits.

Because the Sense Protocol is still in its youth, the Sense Core team is performing post-launch security measures meant to both identify any unseen vulnerabilities and minimize platform risk to its users; these include off-chain protocol monitoring and a public bug bounty program.

Regardless of the security measures, we advise users to exercise caution and to not risk funds they are not willing to lose.

# Audits

Sense has been audited by multiple, independent smart contract auditors:

Auditor Scope Date
8. Sherlock (opens new window) RLV 2022-11
7. Fixed Point Solutions (Kurt Barry) (opens new window) RLV 2022-09/10
6. Fixed Point Solutions (Kurt Barry) (opens new window) Space v1 2022-02/03
5. ABDK (opens new window) Sense v1 2022-03
4. Spearbit (opens new window) Sense v1 & Space v1 2022-01
3. Fixed Point Solutions (Kurt Barry) (opens new window) Sense v1 2021-11/12
2. ABDK (opens new window) Sense v1 2021-11
1. Peckshield (opens new window) Sense v1 2021-11

# Bug Bounties

Sense has an active bug bounty on ImmuneFi (opens new window), with up to $50,000 for reporting a bug in deployed contracts or the Sense Portal.

# Admin

The long-term goal of the Sense Protocol is to be community-owned and governed. However, out of caution, the Sense core team is taking a progressive decentralization (opens new window) approach, where we retain certain privileged permissions of Sense v1 to ensure the system scales safely and isn't a victim of unforeseen vulnerabilities.

All of these temporary privileges (i.e. admin rights) are approved through one of the following multisigs:

# Multisigs

Network Address
Ethereum Mainnet (2of3) 0xDd76360C26Eaf63AFCF3a8d2c0121F13AE864D57 (opens new window)

# Privileges

Privilege Reason
Adjust guarded launch caps Perform the guarded launch
Adjust permissionless mode Allow unverified adapters to be onboarded to Sense
Verify adapters To identify adapters that we've vetted to be safe for the Sense Fuse Pool
Onboard adapter factories To onboard new adapter factories
Backfill Scale To reconcile a series that hasn’t been settled within the public settlement window (opens new window)
Pause Divider Pause a faulty Divider
Pause Adapter Pause a faulty Adapter
Update Periphery Pull in optimization / UX improvements to the Periphery
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